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Hot weather and air conditioning

Currently staying at a 5 star integrated resort and can’t appreciate more the power of air conditioning. We had a 35 degrees Celsius temperature in this lovely coastal resort in Australia and it was just unbearably hot even by the pool and the beach – all the cool breeze did not help as it felt like the sun was just biting your skin. Needless to say we were hoping we could take the comfort of our hotel room and the air conditioning with us.

We were curious about the air conditioning in the hotel and where all that pleasant cool air was coming from. Looked up toward the ceiling and I saw this vent with grills that was coming from the side of the lowered part of the ceiling and what do you know, it was the coldest below there. You could barely hear the air flow coming out of this vent that no doubt would have been connected to the system of ducts that would then have to be connected to the main air conditioning unit most likely on the top of the building on the roof top.

This air conditioning type would most commonly be called ducted air conditioning because of the system of ducts running into each room and common area. Now wouldn’t it be lovely to have this type of an air conditioner system installed in your own home – well, lot of Australians do have these fitted to their homes. The next question that crossed my mind was the economy and efficiency of these a/c units – there is just no way to get something for nothing and this type of home air conditioning installation would have to come at a cost.

ducted air conditioning ventTook a look around at some leading air conditioning sales and installation company experts for some ballpark figure as to the ducted a/c cost and found that Frost air conditioning’s specials page here has a this type of a/c listed as 7kW ducted units with only 1 zone and 3 outlets from $4,990 for example and when you think about all the design and installation expertise that goes into a project as such it is a pretty good price.

Two zone and 6 outlet 12kW unit will set you back some $6,990 fully installed and if you ask me that sounds like a good deal tool. Now, if you shopped around and look at some other Sydney air conditioning installation companies you may be able to find even bigger bargains and that’s exactly what I would try to do personally. Do your own research as you want to make sure that the people selling you an air conditioner will also be installing the same so it is in their interest that the whole project runs smoothly and their reputation is intact.

Here’s Australian Government web page on heating, cooling air conditioning installation, options and different types:

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